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Who are we?

We are a non-profit organization (club) that hosts track days and time trial / time attack events with an emphasis on improvement, competition, and most importantly fun. Whether you are a seasoned Time Attack driver, track day regular, or total novice, there is a place and a class just for you at our events.  


What are Time Trials?

Time Trials are 2 parts Track Day and 1 part time based competition. Drivers are grouped by experience level (novice, intermediate, advanced), like a typical track event. Each entry includes a transponder that is attached to your car. There are several practice sessions throughout the day with a couple of competition sessions. Time Trials are time based racing events and not "wheel to wheel racing." A typical day will consist of about 2 hours of track time. More information can be found under the competition tab.

Why drive with us?

  • Only organization that allows novice drivers to participate in on-track competition

  • Excellent classroom and track side instruction from only the most experienced drivers for our novices, what better way to get started?

  • Most seat time for the money

  • Less commitment - 2 events in 1 weekend, with only 2-3 weekends a year required to compete for year end trophies / awards

  • Many competition classes from unmodified street car to purpose built time attack machine

  • Unmatched comradery among drivers

  • Lunch is included and social events on Saturdays after a day at the track!

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